Rag Rug part 2.

  Rag Rug a step by step guide. Materials: Hessian for backing (you can use other materials for this)  Some old rags (t-shirts or any other similar materials) A latch hook Marker pen tape measure 3" measuring Guage (Measuring tape/ruler or cutting mat are all good substitutes for the gauge). Fabric Glue Heavy Material (for … Continue reading Rag Rug part 2.

Rag Rug day.

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rag-rug rag-rug

Well today is the day that Brackla knitting and crochet group we will be trying our hand at rag rugs.

So this post will be a short one but will be continued later today hopefully with lots of pics to go with it.

Keep Crafting.

Continued from this morning:

Was a fab session, was shown several techniques on how to rag rug.

I opted for a simpler one, having done rug making before I kinda knew the basics but found that doing it with rags you have to find your own way of pulling the rag through, as my rags were 3″ x 2″ it was a little tough going pulling the hook back through the hessian backing.

So I’m back home now with my rags, hook, and backing already got a start on it, but then i look around and like all crafters dilemma i have several unfinished projects…

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Hints and Tips

A PLACE TO FIND HINTS, TIPS AND GUIDES TO HELP YOU OUT. Crochet Abbreviations:   Hopefully this will clear a few thing up if your just starting out. Still trying to get some video tutorials sorted,… Source: Hints and Tips