Rag Rug part 2.




Rag Rug a step by step guide.


Hessian for backing (you can use other materials for this) getting-ready

Some old rags (t-shirts or any other similar materials)

A latch hook

Marker pen

tape measure

3″ measuring Guage (Measuring tape/ruler or cutting mat are all good
substitutes for the gauge).

Fabric Glue

Heavy Material (for backing when you finished ragging)

Sharp scissors

Start by laying out your hessian the peice I am using is Approx’ 18″ x 21″.
Mark out a Boarder for Hemming Approx’ 1 – 2 inches from the edge all the way around.


If you want a Design nows the time to Draw it on (I decided on a heart).

Sample Peice

Sample Piece

Ok place your hessian to one side for now…

Take your old T’s /Material and cut into strips about 2″ wide.

sam_3301 sam_3302


Using which ever measuring method you chose cut your 2″ strips into 3″ Lengths (If using a gauge wrap your strips around the gauge adding more strips to cover the length of the gauge if you wish, once Gauge is covered take your sharp scissors and trim along the cutout off the gauge.

sam_3303 sam_3304 sam_3305

Ok so once you have a tidy stack of 2 x 3 inch pieces of rag you can start ragging don’t worry if your pile dwindles away you can cut more as and when.

Bring back the Hessian and lay out flat starting at a corner inside your marked out hem edge, place your latch hook over a hole in the hessian with at least 2 holes to either side and 2 holes above and below. (don’t worry if  you can see a gap this will cover as you go on).


Push your Hook through the hole go past the hole above then bring hook back up to top side, Slide hook through until your latch has come through as well.
Fold your rag in Half and place in your hook now start to slide the hook back towards you keeping hold of the ends of your rag, as the hook comes back the latch should close over and catch your rag inside.

sam_3308Now continue to your hooked rag through the holes this is where it can get a little tricky give it a wiggle if you need to (ok how many of you shook your tush then :-)).
When you can see your rag coming trough pinch just one part of the open end and continue to pull the hook if you feel the rag is not budging pull through with your fingers.


Ta-Da your first rag, Continue to do this in any pattern you like just remember your 2 hole gap between rags or you will end up with holes in your hessian.


sam_3312Don’t worry if it’s looking a little flat to start as you place more rags around them it will start to bunch up.





If you have a go let us know.

Keep Crafting.




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