Rag Rug day.




Well today is the day that Brackla knitting and crochet group we will be trying our hand at rag rugs.

So this post will be a short one but will be continued later today hopefully with lots of pics to go with it.

Keep Crafting.

Continued from this morning:

Was a fab session, was shown several techniques on how to rag rug.

I opted for a simpler one, having done rug making before I kinda knew the basics but found that doing it with rags you have to find your own way of pulling the rag through, as my rags were 3″ x 2″ it was a little tough going pulling the hook back through the hessian backing.

So I’m back home now with my rags, hook, and backing already got a start on it, but then i look around and like all crafters dilemma i have several unfinished projects on the go and need to start finishing some to make way for some new ones, So my rag rug is to one side at the mo and one of my baby beanies is out to be finished as that’s the one nearly complete.

Keep Crafting.


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