Basic Ribbed Brim Beanie

Ribbed brim beanie

Ribbed brim beanie

Basic Ribbed Brim Beanie.

Finished size approx 6- 13.5” circumference, we knit up to newborn size.

To knit 1 beanie you will need:

A 50g ball of yarn, this knits approx 4

Knitting needles metric size 4mm – Old English 8 – US 6

Needle to sew up the seam.


Knitting Instructions:

Cast on 46, [50, 54, 58, 62] stitches

Work 8, [8, 8, 10, 12] rows in K2 P2 rib alternating as follows;

Row 1:    K2, P2 across

Row 2:    P2, K2 across

Next, work 18, [18, 18, 20, 22] rows in stockinette stitch.

Row 1:    Knit across row

Row 2:    Purl across row.

Continue these two rows to desired length ending on the right side.

To shape crown and decrease:

Row 1:    [K2, K2tog] across row

Row 2:    Purl across row

Row 3:    [K1, K2tog] to last 2 sts  K2

Row 4:    [P2tog, P2] To last one st P1

Row 5:    [K2tog] across row

Row 6:    Cast off in Knit leaving a long tail for sewing up the seam.

To assemble:

Thread the needle with the long tail.

Turn the beanie inside out.

At the crown slip the needle through the edge of the stitches that you cast off and pull the crown together in a circular shape ensuring there is no hole at the crown.

Next, keeping the beanie inside out, butt the edges together and sew them together working down towards the brim in mattress stitch. You may find it easier to do this if you use a couple of small safety pins to hold the beanie together as you sew.

Tie off and work in both loose ends of yarn for a couple of stitches.

Turn the beanie in the right way to reveal an almost seamless join and a gorgeous little Baby Beanie! xx


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