Knitting and Crochet group Tuesday session




So our First Tuesday session at Brackla Knitting and Crochet Group was a little quieter than our usual Thursday madhouse sessions.

But this turned out not to be a bad thing as we had a few new faces, all beginners and all wanting to try Crochet.

So all eyes to me as I was the only one there able to Crochet, well I say i’m able to Crochet, I know some of the basics. Which was ok as that was all that was needed today.

Myself having recently mastered the magic circle/magic ring was keen to show what I had learnt, but first showed the Chain technique Which i myself find a struggle with some patterns.

Then I went on to explain the Magic Circle technique which once you get the hang of which bits of yarn to keep hold of is really easy to do.

Unfortunately because i was going from one member to another I was unable to get some media to show but there is always Thursday. (Might have to keep the sounds off though as it can get a bit loud and lively).


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