Yo-Yo Caterpillar

Yo-Yo Caterpillar

Yo-Yo Caterpillar



Approx 20 circles of coloured fabric, Approx 4 1/4″(12cm) diameter. (Use old CD to draw around.

2 Circles of felt approx 3″(7.5cm) diameter.

1 Circle of felt approx 1″(2.5cm) diameter.

1 Circle of scrap cardboard approx 2 “(6.5cm) diameter.

Length of coloured pipe cleaner approx 5″(12.5cm)

2 stick on googly eyes (or black and white felt).

Small scrap of coloured felt for mouth.

Approx 30″(75cm) of elastic or strong thread, cotton knitting yarn can also be used.

PVA Glue.

Needle (sewing).
Time to create:
1)     Make up the 20 yo-yo by sewing a running stitch about 1/4″ from the edge all the way around, pulling tight as you go. Pull up as tight as possible and fasten off firmly.
Flatten the yo-yo out into a neat circle.


2)      Using the PVA Glue, stick the googly eyes onto one of the larger felt circles, and stick on the felt smiley mouth. (You can also make the eyes out of felt circles if you wish).


3)      Bend the pipe cleaner into a v shape and stick it to the back of the face, so that the two ends stick up as antenna above the eyes.
Leave to dry while you assemble the body.


4)      Make a loose knot in the end of your cord/elastic.
With a needle thread the cord/elastic through the other larger felt circle and then through the gathered centres of your yo-yo, making sure they all face the same way.
Keep them loosely spaced for now. When you get to the end thread the cord/elastic through the centre of the small felt circle.


Then insert it back into the centre close to where it came out and then thread back up through the centre of the yo-yo and finally back up through the felt circle.

Make sure there are no loose loops between the yo-yo.
Tie the two ends of the cord/elastic in a secure knot in the centre of the felt and trim the ends.

5)      Now join the two larger pieces of felt using an over-sewing or blanket stitch. When you are half way around, insert the cardboard between the two felt circles and finish sewing all the way around.



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