List of Charity Organisations

Here are some Charities based in and around the UK.


Baby Beanies, Olney     –       Hats for babies in neonatal units made to patterns provided on the website.

Emily’s Star, Milton Keynes    –    Knitting for premature and angel babies.

Milton Keynes Hospital     –     Twiddle Muffs.


Wood Green Animal Charity, Godmanchester     –     Patterns for cute animal jumpers in four sizes.


Boxes of Hope     –     Scarves, gloves, mittens, puppets, socks for the annual Christmas appeal for children in Romania.

Tiger Lily Trust     –     Knit angel wraps, blankets etc. to bring comfort to bereaved parents. Scroll down the page for an address for donated items.


Feileacain     –     Knit tiny blankets and angel wraps for Memory Boxes to comfort bereaved parents.


Christian Hope     –     Clothes for babies and children.

Hope and Aid Direct     –     Blankets, hats, mittens, scarves, jumpers (not T-jumpers or fish-and-chip jumpers please)


Hampshire NHS Trust     –     Twiddle Muffs for patients suffering from dementia.

Hope and Aid Direct     –     See listing in Essex region.

Lancashire & North West:

Blue Light Babies, Southport    –      Bonding squares, blankets, prem baby hats and clothes.


SANDS – Stillbirth & neonatal death charity     –     Knit or crochet blankets made to their downloadable pattern for memory boxes.


Algerian Action     –     Blanket squares, knitted clothes, sewn clothes – all are welcome.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Homes     –     Blankets and cat toys – see free patterns on the website.

Knit for Peace     –     Blanket squares, hats, baby clothes, mittens, jumpers etc. for distribution to the needy in the UK and abroad.

The Mission to Seafarers     –     Hats, balaclavas, scarves, gloves for sailors.

North Wales:

Woollies for the World     –     Angel & prem baby items, blankets, hats, jumpers, twiddle muffs etc. for the needy at home and abroad.


Bonnie Babies     –     Clothes for premature babies and burial items for ‘angel’ babies.

Loving Hands     –     Knitting of all kinds too much to list. Click on the charity name for more information.

The Raven Trust     –     Knitted baby clothes and blankets for the people of Malawi.


East Surrey Hospital     –     Comfort blankets and mitts (twiddle muffs) for elderly patients and those suffering from dementia.


Samara’s Aid Appeal     –     Blankets and clothes for babies, children and adults for those in need in the Middle East.


Needles and Hooks     –     Angels and Preemies Blankets and baby clothes as well as twiddle muffs and much more besides.


Project Linus     –     Providing quilts for children in hospital around the UK. Many reps accept knitted blankets for refuges, etc.

The Little Yellow Duck Project     –     A fun project with a serious purpose, raising awareness of the need for organ donation.

Cats Protection     –     Contact your local centre to find out if they need knitted blankets for their guests.

Knitted Knockers     –     Knit or crochet prosthetic breasts for women who have had a mastectomy. Register to become a volunteer knitter.

National Animal Welfare Trust     –     Blankets always wanted. Centres in Berks, Cornwall, Essex, Herts and Somerset.

Teddies for Tragedies     –     Email them for details of your nearest coordinator.

Lisa’s Stars     –     Tiny blankets and wraps for angel babies. See their Facebook page for more information.

Alzheimer’s Society     –     Contact your local office to find out if they have a need for twiddle muffs. See pattern on our website or search online.

West Country:

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital     –     Twiddle Muffs for patients suffering from dementia.

Reminiscence Learning, Wellington     –     Knit Archie the Scarecrow who is used to help patients and also to educate school children about dementia.

The Donkey Sanctuary     –     Knit, crochet or sew donkeys to raise funds for this charity.


Knit for Nowt, Hull     –     Knitting for Yorkshire folk in need. Clothes in all sizes from baby to adult as well as blankets, puppets and finger puppets.

Tiny Treasures, Beverley     –     Blankets, clothes, teddies and angel gowns.


If you know of any Charities I may have missed, send me a message with their details and I will add them to the list.

Happy Crafting.


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